The Millennium War

Verse 6

Yartar's True Face

Separated from each other, the party raced towards the site of a huge, unknown explosion. Mo and Muk hurried along with Brandel in tow, hoping that the missing Quarion wasn’t a victim of the blast. Barberch, still injured from her battle with Hagnall’s gang, was provided a ceremonial breastplate by Dohrim the blacksmith and transportation by a local guardsman.

Arriving at a burning building in a residential district, Mo and Muk found a small crowd of guardsmen and onlookers, including Sai from the tournament. Before the fire could be addressed, a second explosion rang out, and the building collapsed. Out of the wreckage fled a strange dragon-like creature, writhing in fire. Before it could be calmed down and put out, the creature cast a spell on the wreckage, forming a huge wooden construct. The construct protected it’s creator, killing one guard and causing most of the rest to flee, all whilst shrugging off every attack launched at it. By the time Barberch arrived, a second construct, this one of chains and blades, had also been created. Eventually, however, Muk and Mo were able to convince the creature that it was in no danger, and the creature flew away. As the constructs began to disintegrate without their master present, Quarion reappeared out of an alleyway.

Quarion explained to you that the fire had been caused by Kristoph of the Band of the Wolf, who had been torturing and murdering people in the basement. The presence of one of Millennium’s staves, which led to the explosion, suggests that he may be part of that organisation. With no knowledge of the alignment of the rest of the Band, you decided that a head on fight would be foolhardy. Instead, you returned to Dohrim’s smithy to rest and heal in safety. Once you were better, it was time for the dinner with Yartar’s mayor, to which the Band was also invited.

Outside the mayor’s mansion, you met with all of the Band, sans Kristoph. Attempting to subtly question them about this led nowhere, as they seemed genuinely confused about where he was, or what he was up to. Deciding not to confront them for now, you entered the mansion. Lord Alexander Tanas, mayor of Yartar, greeted you in a dining room filled with soldiers. Paranoid from her recent troubles, Barberch was able to detect posion in the food, leading to Lord Tanas activating a pit trap under your seats. Everyone except Barberch and Quarion fell, though Slan’s magic slowed their descent. In the dining room, Barberch and Quarion acted quickly to take Lord Tanas hostage, but were thwarted when Lady Tanas showed up, ready to call your bluff. Lady Tanas and Ashera, barmaid at the local tavern, unleased magic at you, and in the confusion, Sir Gavin and his guards were able to wrestle Barberch into the pit. Outnumbered twenty to one, Quarion chose to follow his party down the hole, hoping that the danger below would be less than the certain death above.

Now you and the Band of the Wolf are all deep within Lord Tanas’ mysterious trap, sacrifices to the Archdemon Graz’zt. Can you work together to escape, or will the seed of distrust prove to be more of a threat than Yartar’s darkest secret?


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