A collection of characters encountered in and around the capital city of Waterdeep.

Status: In Waterdeep
A master wizard, but a deeply arrogant and imperious one. Vaarsarius runs the Drake’s Tooth by effectively intimidating a whole score of underlings with his mere presence. Vaarsarius himself does not like to be disturbed, and these junior wizards are often left doing the brunt of the work. He looks down on sorcerers (like Ellywick) and, despite being one of the few on the continent with the power to do so, refused to help restore Vanya’s pendant without a vast sum in return. Apparently, the Drake’s Tooth supplies Andrah’s Emporium in Silverymoon with belladonna, but the deliveries have ceased, for unknown reasons.

Status: In Waterdeep
Rurik is the owner of the Doe and Banner, one of Waterdeep’s finest taverns. Sadly, such a reputation causes the inn to be frequented by a cavalcade of strange travelers, powerful adventurers and dangerous mercenaries. Despite his strong exterior and will, Rurik often finds himself daunted by these sometimes legendary warriors, such as the Paragons. As such, Rurik prefers those who simply pay and leave with a minimum of hassle, such as your party.

Status: In Waterdeep
Seraphina takes everything lightly, and with an air of mischievousness. Why else would she name her magical gear store “Ye Olde Plus Shoppe”? A confident and savvy businesswoman, Seraphina also enjoys meeting new people, especially other halflings.

Status: In Waterdeep
Like many gnomes, Loopmottin loves expensive trinkets and baubles. At her shop, the Shining Jewel, she has plenty of opportunity for this, and spends her days buying, selling and appraising precious materials. She is also an accomplished violinist, and surprisingly perceptive for one so (comparatively) young.


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