Silverymoon Druids

A team of druids, encountered in Silverymoon and fond of the local Druid Bar. Whilst their knowledge of the land and nature is great, their experience in combat is clearly less than your own.

Status: In Silverymoon
The group elder and leader, Kolts is often quiet, usually waiting for others to speak before imparting his own opinion. When he does speak, he comes across as someone whose words are backed with both experience and wisdom. A deeply spiritual man, Kolts is welcoming to most people, but clearly favours the company of other druids and rangers. He cares strongly for all of nature, but especially his horse companion Velvet. He also makes a mean herbal brandy, which he donates to the Druid Bar. When Quarion and Brandel first transformed into lycanthropes, Kolts was heavily injured, leading to a rift within the druids, and between the druids and you. Despite this, Kolts helped safely restrain Quarion during the second night of the full moon, and has offered his team’s aid in finding Ellywick’s trail while you search for a cure.

Status: In Silverymoon
Lenaiel is noticeably the sternest of the druids and her speech patterns, whilst not unwelcoming, tend to be abrupt and to-the-point. Despite this, she is far from unkind and showed great interest in your quests. As an accomplished archer, she is also the most powerful warrior of the team. Lenaiel joined you on your journey into the Moonwood to recover Gillic’s corpse, and aided you against Ceres’ ambush. Distracted by recent events, she was almost killed by a giant snake in the forest, a fact she is clearly embarrassed about. Due to the additional time you have spend with her and her hawk Moke, Lenaiel is the druid member you (and especially Quarion) have the most connection with. Initially, she planned to join you on your journey to find a cure for lycanthropy, but decided instead to stay behind and guard the other druids. In return, Quarion has also given her Soren to protect, providing a line of communication between the two groups.

Human / Afflicted Wereboar
Status: With Party
Brandel is a fairly “down-to-Earth” man by all accounts, and seems the most comfortable within cities out of the druids. By the same token, he is also a good conversationalist, listening eagerly to your tales and often doing the brunt of the groups talking about past adventures. Brandel has a horse companion named Adagio, and carries a quarterstaff that doubles as a walking-stick, allowing him to take the weapon into Silverymoon. Brandel had also been called on to check that Andrah’s animal experiments were safe for the creatures. After Belkas’ attack on Silverymoon, Brandel barely escaped death (after attempting to calm the “boar” down) and was subsequently cursed to be a wereboar. Unlike Quarion, he claims not to be able to remember the events of his first transformation, but can now recall his second and third. Brandel has since joined you on your travels, spending the majority of his time around Quarion and Joshua (who also enjoys his ale). He desperately hopes for a cure as soon as possible.

Status: In Silverymoon
Gwileth, who bears a rather striking resemblance to the Ellywick (albeit a fair amount taller and leaner), is the most kind-hearted and emotional of the group. She was the most affected by the death of her friend Gillic, and the recent arson of the Moonwood has caused her further anguish. She carries a shortbow, but lacks the skill of Lenaiel. Gwileth is shy amongst non-druids, and spends most conversations with them playing with her owl companion Athena.

Status: Decreased
Little is known about Gillic, as he was killed in an attack in the Moonwood prior to your arrival. The assault was from a variety of animals, including rats, wolves and boars, now known to have been commanded by the forest’s lycanthropes. A good and noble man, the other druids wished to retrieve Gillic’s body, but were too shaken by the encounter. You were able to recover the corpse with Lenaiel’s help, and the druids were able to perform a proper burial. It should be noted that the druids do not approve of the act of raising the dead, even for their friends.

Silverymoon Druids

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