Moonwood Lycanthropes

A small group of varying lycanthropes, drawn together and rallied by Havoc into attacking Silverymoon. They claim to be taking revenge for damage done to the Moonwood and other forests, but how much of their true motive is that and how much of it is savage bloodlust is up for debate.

Status: In Silverymoon (Imprisoned)
The strongest of the lycanthropes, and therefore their leader, Vikroth is also the most naturally violent. Eschewing weaponry and most clothes, he relies solely on his own brutal power. Vikroth has a heavy accent, and a very straightforward, single-minded way of talking (and thinking). In the Moonwood, it took a tremendous effort to take him down, even with Gabrielle’s help. The fact that he respects and obeys Havoc says a great deal about the latter’s might.

Status: ? ? ?
The first of the lycanthropes encountered, Belkas attacked the city center in animal form and almost killed Brandel, only to accidentally curse him as a wereboar. In the battle, one of Belkas’ tusks was broken off, angering him greatly. In human form, Belkas is coarse and stubborn, but was willing to help carry the unconscious bodies of his fellow lycanthropes out of the Moonwood to safety, following being revived during the forest fire. Soon after, he fled the party, making him the only member of the group to remain at large. Belkas wields a battleaxe when in human or hybrid forms.

Status: In Silverymoon (Imprisoned)
A bloodthirsty fighter, whilst Brelynn lacks Vikroth’s raw strength, she makes up for it in savagery. This being said, she appears to care for her pack of wolves, ordering them to retreat when your battle will them turned in your favour. Like all natural lycanthropes, Brelynn despises those cursed with lycanthropy, and thus has a special disdain for Quarion, whom she accidentally infected. This being the case, to avoid further spread of the curse, she prefers the use of her trusty longsword, whenever possible.

Status: In Silverymoon (Imprisoned)
Easily the weakest of the lycanthropes, Petros is nevertheless the brains of the operation. Sneaky and cunning, he would observe the other’s attacks on Silverymoon whilst in human form, scouting for resistance and danger, and helping with their retreat. In the Moonwood, he summoned a vast swarm of rats, then attacked you with a crossbow from the safety of cover. In a straight up fight, however, he proved no match for Muk, with the halfling taking Petros down single-handed.

Moonwood Lycanthropes

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