The Millennium War

Verse 6
Yartar's True Face

Separated from each other, the party raced towards the site of a huge, unknown explosion. Mo and Muk hurried along with Brandel in tow, hoping that the missing Quarion wasn’t a victim of the blast. Barberch, still injured from her battle with Hagnall’s gang, was provided a ceremonial breastplate by Dohrim the blacksmith and transportation by a local guardsman.

Arriving at a burning building in a residential district, Mo and Muk found a small crowd of guardsmen and onlookers, including Sai from the tournament. Before the fire could be addressed, a second explosion rang out, and the building collapsed. Out of the wreckage fled a strange dragon-like creature, writhing in fire. Before it could be calmed down and put out, the creature cast a spell on the wreckage, forming a huge wooden construct. The construct protected it’s creator, killing one guard and causing most of the rest to flee, all whilst shrugging off every attack launched at it. By the time Barberch arrived, a second construct, this one of chains and blades, had also been created. Eventually, however, Muk and Mo were able to convince the creature that it was in no danger, and the creature flew away. As the constructs began to disintegrate without their master present, Quarion reappeared out of an alleyway.

Quarion explained to you that the fire had been caused by Kristoph of the Band of the Wolf, who had been torturing and murdering people in the basement. The presence of one of Millennium’s staves, which led to the explosion, suggests that he may be part of that organisation. With no knowledge of the alignment of the rest of the Band, you decided that a head on fight would be foolhardy. Instead, you returned to Dohrim’s smithy to rest and heal in safety. Once you were better, it was time for the dinner with Yartar’s mayor, to which the Band was also invited.

Outside the mayor’s mansion, you met with all of the Band, sans Kristoph. Attempting to subtly question them about this led nowhere, as they seemed genuinely confused about where he was, or what he was up to. Deciding not to confront them for now, you entered the mansion. Lord Alexander Tanas, mayor of Yartar, greeted you in a dining room filled with soldiers. Paranoid from her recent troubles, Barberch was able to detect posion in the food, leading to Lord Tanas activating a pit trap under your seats. Everyone except Barberch and Quarion fell, though Slan’s magic slowed their descent. In the dining room, Barberch and Quarion acted quickly to take Lord Tanas hostage, but were thwarted when Lady Tanas showed up, ready to call your bluff. Lady Tanas and Ashera, barmaid at the local tavern, unleased magic at you, and in the confusion, Sir Gavin and his guards were able to wrestle Barberch into the pit. Outnumbered twenty to one, Quarion chose to follow his party down the hole, hoping that the danger below would be less than the certain death above.

Now you and the Band of the Wolf are all deep within Lord Tanas’ mysterious trap, sacrifices to the Archdemon Graz’zt. Can you work together to escape, or will the seed of distrust prove to be more of a threat than Yartar’s darkest secret?

Verse 5
And the Winner is...

Yartar’s Annual Fighting Tournament continues, with Barberch joining Quarion to watch from the stands. Now in the second round, Fury of the Band of the Wolf defeated Hagnall to face Muk in the semi-finals, whilst Red-of-Hand knocked out Harold and Mo overcame Lorelei to produce the other semi-final matchup. In two brutal, incredibly-close battles, Muk trimumphed against Fury seconds before losing consciousness, and Mo was barely beaten by Red-of-Hand. In the latter fight, Quarion noticed that Red had temporarily lashed at his opponent with lethal force, which led to a post-match investigation by the head official Walster. Mo, however, decided that, since Red had fought fairly aside from that one incident (due to his and Slan’s chastising of the monk), he would not press things further.

In the final round, Muk faced off against Red-of-Hand and proved without a doubt his incredible fighting abilities. Nothing that Red tried, whether it was stunning techniques, disarming moves, tripping attacks or even superior manoeuvrability, could stop the halfling’s onslaught. Muk found himself standing victorious, the undefeated champion of Yartar.

As the crowd cheered, Walster walked out onto the arena and turned to them, proclaiming that the winner of this year’s tournament was: “Muk, of Mo and Friends.” Later, as the audience began to file out, you, along with Slan, gathered in the centre of the arena to listen to the official’s announcement. Walster congratulated Muk and informed you that the prize money of 10,000 gold pieces will be given out following a dinner this evening with the mayor, Lord Alexander Tanas, at his mansion. This invitation has also been extended to the Band of the Wolf. Walster advised you that appropriate dress would be expected at this formal event.

With few decent clothes between you, most of your group headed to the marketplace to go shopping, though Quarion elected to go back to Dusty Barrel tavern to meet with his contact Verol instead. As Barberch had found before, Yartar has several interwoven streets full of vendors, all loudly haggling over prices. Wandering into the thick of it and attempting to find a tailor or cloth turned out to be a bust – the marketplace was just too chaotic to find anything. Disheartened, Mo decided to take Muk back to the tavern to get cleaned up instead.

Barberch, on the other hand, chose instead to go to the smithy to purchase armour decorations. As she approached the Yartar Blacksmithery, she became aware of a number of raised voices and crashes. Bursting inside, Barberch found the shop halfway through being ransacked. Three of the tournament’s losers, namely Xanthias, Dendron and Baz, were looting inside, with the latter restraining the blacksmith himself. This quickly led to a violent confrontation between the cleric and the three vandals. Eventually, the swordsman Hagnall appeared, revealing himself to be the leader of the gang, and wearing a clearly magical glowing gauntlet. The gauntlet rusted a hole clean through Barberch’s armour, but she continued to fight against Hagnall and his group, eventually (and narrowly) subduing them. Hagnall and Dendron were knocked out, Xanthias made a run for it, and Baz was cowed into surrendering.

With the danger over, Barberch could relax… until she heard a roaring explosion, coming from somewhere within the town limits. Muk and Mo also heard the blast from the tavern, where they have found that Quarion never arrived at his destination. Could these be signs of a new threat in Yartar?

Verse 4
The Tournament Begins

Having conducted your initial business in Yartar, you assembled at The Dusty Barrel. The tavern was filled with numerous well-armed warriors, presumably tournament combatants, some drinking with revelry, some deep in conversation over a meal, some sitting quietly by themselves. Standing in the centre of the room was a large figure, covered completely by a huge black cloak. Once Barberch entered, the figure strode over and addressed the dwarf in deep, halting Common. In was revealed that under the cloak was a muscular lizardman named Strongarm, who had tracked your party down in order to offer his service in repayment for the defeat of the tyrant Redeye.

Welcoming Strongarm into your group, you were confronted by another blast from the past. Apparently, the Band of the Wolf, last seen in Waterdeep, are also staying at the tavern. Their leader Ky greeted you warmly, but the Band’s newest member was not so pleased to see you. You recognised the man as Garrett, the thief you met in the unnamed tomb in the Misty Forest months ago. Still bitter about your rough treatment of him, it looked like another argument was going to flare up, until Ky gestured the rogue into silence. As Garrett retreated back into the rear of tavern, a very young and excitable girl with a sword ran in. Her polite but slightly breathless introduction revealed her to be, Amelia Ashcroft, daughter of Lord Ashcroft, who had hired Ky to give the young lady swordsmanship lessons. Soon after, tensions in the tavern were raised as a brawl broke out between the Band’s Red-Of-Hand and a violent stranger known as The Shark. Upon victory of the former, Ky invited you all to join the Band for dinner, offering to pay to apologise for his teammate’s “indiscretion”. Barberch and Mo opted to take up this deal.

Over dinner, both groups shared stories and anecdotes, but both you and several members of the Band were reluctant to get too friendly. Instead, Ky and Slan did much of talking, speaking at length of their personal philosophies and motivations. Despite this, Ky referred to you as “old acquaintances” to the barmaid.

Rather than joining the meal, Quarion asked the bartender after Verol, a descendant of a legendary dwarven hero, was pointed towards an armoured dwarf sitting at table nearby. Verol initially regarded Quarion with suspicion and refused to converse with anyone not taking part in the tournament. Eventually however, and with the help of the other man at the table, an injured fighter called Essen, Quarion was able to get Verol to agree to meet with him in the tavern after the tournament.

Also during the dinner, Muk explored the tavern’s other rear room, where some gamblers were plying their trade. One is particular, a strange half-elf named D’Arby, invited the halfling to join him in wager. After Muk chose to bet on a game of skill, D’Arby invented a game in which coins were added to a cup of wine, with the loser causing a spill. Try as he might, Muk could not win the challenge, and stomped off in anger, slightly poorer.

At the end of the meal, Slan impatiently led Mo off towards the Dance Hall, with the rest of you turning in for the night at the tavern. Barberch instructed Strongarm to camp outside the town limits until needed.

The next morning, the tournament finally began in front of a cheering crowd, with Quarion watching from the stands. In the very first match, Muk surprised everyone (aside from your party) by easily defeating a swordsman named Slayer. Mo also triumphed, knocking out Verol. Unfortunately, Barberch was unable to do the same, losing out to Band of the Wolf member Fury’s raw power and determination. The other victors of the first round were a mage named Jerra, two swordsmen named Hagnall and Harold, a swordswoman named Lorelei, and Red-Of-Hand. In the second round, Muk closely bested Jerra and moves on to the semi-finals, where he will face the winner of Fury vs Hagnall. Meanwhile, Red-Of-Hand will square off against Harold, and Mo will encounter Lorelei.

The end of the tournament is in sight, and only time will tell who the 10,000 gp will go to.

Verse 3
Before the Tournament

In the wake of successfully protecting your prisoners and seeing off Grarl’s assault, you took a brief moment to collect yourselves. The battle had left one guardsman dead, and Quarion unable to transform out of wolf-form. Barberch and Mo assisted the surviving guards, who showed signs of being shaken by their relative powerlessness, with the movement and preservation of their colleague’s corpse. For his part, Quarion kept some distance from the others, making sure to maintain a non-threatening posture. The following morning, Quarion returned to the group, having finally managed to change back. He and Brandel the druid shared a moment of relief

After three more days on the road, you noticed a wagon coming the other way. You told Joshua to stop the horses and hold back, and Quarion snuck forward to investigate. The vehicle turned out to be a magical item caravan, led by the deep gnome Belwar. Joshua was shocked at seeing the merchant, then becoming noticeably quiet and sullen. Later, when Brandel asked Joshua about it, you found out that he and Belwar had been partners, and the deep gnome had effectively backstabbed him. Knowing none of this at the time, you in any case lacked the funds to purchase any of the caravan’s wares. Seeing this, Belwar and his crew bade you farewell, and continued onwards towards the Citadel Felbarr.

As you continued on your journey, you discussed recent events between yourselves. It was decided that Grarl must have orchestrated the attack by the elementals, with Mo noting that the warchief should be considered a dangerous foe indeed. Furthermore, Quarion decided to share with you all that his medallion was actually one of many, and there was evidence that the other owners of the items had been hunted down as well. He was now trying to find the last remaining medallion-holders, hoping to warn them and possibly find some answers.

After another three days, you finally reached Yartar. Immediately on arrival, even before entering the gates, you bumped into Sir Gavin, the mounted knight who acts as both commander of Yartar’s famous cavalry and Captain of the Guard. From his heavy warhorse, Sir Gavin angrily proclaimed that the adventurers who flock to Yartar’s tournament cause a sharp rise in criminal activity, and that there had already been “some ugly murders on Yartar’s citizens”. He then warned you to remain on the right side of the law, and then pushed his horse past you.

As you entered the town gates, the topic became who should enter the tournament. In the end, Barberch chose to compete alongside Muk and Mo, noting the wisdom in Brandel’s fears that Belladonna, the cure for lycanthropy, might be too expensive for the group to purchase. With three entrants, you hope that at least one can win the prize money, which would be a great boon to your quest. Barberch suggested Quarion not fight in the competition, lest he accidentally transform in the middle of a population centre.

Finishing your discussion, you saw a somewhat familiar pair coming the opposite way. It was Slan and Fury of the Band of the Wolf, last met in Silverymoon and Waterdeep respectively. As they walk, you overheard the end of their conversation, concerning a new hire for the team and various intra-party relationships. They also mentioned a dance, which Slan was quick to invite Mo to, since Fury was too busy preparing for the tournament. Fury was clearly irritated that Slan had convinced more people to join the contest, but still showed seemingly no worry about being defeated.

Once Slan and Fury left (with the former suggesting Mo “wear something nice” to the dance hall), an extremely old halfling dressed in rags waddled over to you. The beggar, named Woodsheart “the Cursed”, asked you for spare change, and was taken aback when Muk tossed him an entire gold piece. He thanked you kindly and offered to aid you, but was interrupted by a second ragged beggar rushing over. Unlike the first, this beggar, Smilin’ Jim, was far less sympathetic. As soon as you didn’t pay up, he called over an ally, a half-elf bowman named Slow Harry. Convincing his accomplice to attack you, Smilin’ Jim grabbed at Muk’s coin-purse and attempted to flee, but was brought down by a team effort.

The party then spilt up, and Quarion and Mo headed for the Dusty Barrel, the tavern where the majority of the tournament’s combatants were said to be staying. Quarion hopes to find Verol, a dwarf who has entered the contest and may hold one of the medallions. Barberch and Muk, on the other hand, headed for the arena to learn more about the tournament. There they met Walster, the official in charge of the fighting.

Walster described the rules as a series of one-on-one battles with nonlethal replacement weapons only. Summoning creatures, bringing companions or familiars, using poisons, potions or scrolls and leaving the arena were all banned. Anyone killing or maiming their opponent would be disqualified. The fights will continue until one combatant is first to fall unconscious or surrender. Healers will be available to cure any injuries sustained, but spells cannot be replaced between rounds.

Finding this acceptable, Barberch registered her name. Now, three of you have signed up to join the battle. Each of you must decide upon the tactics that will lead you to victory.

Yartar’s Annual Fighting Tournament begins tomorrow.

Verse 2
A Dangerous Cargo

After a long journey, you took a well-earned rest in Everlund. Most of the party spend a peaceful night at the Dire Lion’s Crown, whilst lycanthropes Quarion and Brandel caged themselves in a secluded location. Upon waking and joining up again, Mo engaged his new friend Shinta in sparring match. Mo emerged victorious, barely overcoming the young swordsman, who offered his gratitude. You then completed your business in Everlund, and left the town towards Waterdeep.

On the outskirts of the town, you found Captain Ulfgar of the Everlund Watch loading prisoners onto a wagon. It turned out that Barberch had been offered the job of transporting the captives, who had exceeded Everlund’s maximum prison capacity, but had forgotten to bring up the matter to the team. After some back and forth, you agreed to help bring the prisoners, four orcs from Grarl’s warband and the hobgoblin leader from Hellsgate Keep, to the region’s central prison: the Grand Zaft, in Waterdeep. Ulfgar provided three of his men to assist the transfer, as well as payment for your services.

After a day of uneventful travel, you settled down to rest, with Barberch taking the opportunity to cure the diseases afflicting herself and Mo. Only Muk had engaged in any notable interactions with the prisoners, despite the hobgoblin and Quarion becoming aware of each other’s presence. In the morning, Mo called a group meeting, complaining that the others were not taking the job seriously (Muk was riding horses, Barberch was distractedly crafting and Quarion was conversing with Brandel). This had three effects: Muk didn’t care; Barberch apologised and showed new resolve in protecting the captives; and Quarion confronted Mo, stating that the cleric had no right to judge him, and that he would nevertheless do his duty, despite being forced into close proximity to a man hired to murder him.

Later that day, as the transports were progressing normally and tempers had died down, the noise of something shattering rang out. This was immediately followed by the roar of an explosion, as coloured smoke billowed out from under the lead horses, coalescing into humanoid monsters of fire, water, air and earth. The elementals lurched forward to engage all around them, throwing the convoy into chaos. Barberch, was able to repel the air elemental, but the other three proved to be dangerous opponents, easily dealing with Ulfgar’s guards. Eventually however, you gained an upper hand in the fray, helped greatly by Quarion’s inadvertent transformation into a powerful wolf, but one with Quarion’s full control and intelligence.

At this point, Grarl struck. Expressing excitement at the chance to get revenge for his previous defeat, the mighty orc made a beeline for the prison wagon, cutting through guardsmen like a knife through butter. Even Barberch proved no match for him, falling victim to his vicious greataxe. However, with Grarl in striking range of the prisoner carriage, Muk rushed in to meet him. Driven by rage and magically enlarged for this very event, Muk launched a devastating blow against his former warchief. Gravely wounded and speechless with surprise, Grarl staggered back. In fury he ordered the imprisoned orcs to come to his aid, and even enlisted the hobgoblin mercenary to help, claiming that someone named “Bryagh” had hired him as a commander. At this the hobgoblin attempted to grab Muk, but the halfling broke free, causing Grarl to once again use his enchanted gauntlet to escape. The orc disappeared in an explosion of curses and threats, leaving his underlings still as captives. Mo and Barberch quickly sought to revive the fallen guardsmen who had bravely fought against deadly foes and impossible odds, saving the lives of two of the original three.

Weary from your epic battle, and with one of your members still a wolf, you now must decide what your next course of action is.

Verse 1
Decisions, Decisions...

Upon leaving Silverymoon, you once again met up with Quarion’s druid friends, returning from ther attempts to save as much of the Moonwood as possible. Lenaiel then told you of their findings as to the whereabouts of Ellywick – reports of suspicious masked men, similar to the one working for Baalberith, heading East to an unknown location. This meant that it was necessary to make a choice: venture East for Ellywick’s sake, or travel South for Quarion’s.

Settling down for the night with the Silverymoon Druids, you chose to prioratise curing Quarion of his lycanthropy over searching for the missing Ellywick. In this, Quarion was the chief decision maker, as Mo couldn’t choose, Muk didn’t care, and Barberch was seeemingly distracted.

Later still, Quarion and Brandel began to transform. Kolts had placed Quarion into a magically warped tree, and Brandel was held within the party’s remaining cage. As such, despite their violent struggles and their strongest efforts, the two beasts were unable to escape. Also during the night, Barberch and Mo discovered that their rat bites had become infected, and they had contracted filth fever.

In the morning, you finalised the plan of action – Brandel would join you on your trip to Waterdeep, the remaining druids would further search for Ellywick’s trail, and Lenaiel would take care of Soren for communication purposes. You then all went shopping for supplies, with Andrah becoming scarred for life by having to deal with Muk’s curse. With Barberch’s help, the curse was removed and Muk’s strength was restored. Furthermore, Barberch visited The Blasted Hen, organising and paying for transport from Joshua, and bidding farewell to Silver. She also received some of Vanya’s belongings from Gunther, who passed on the message that Vanya desires to stay behind at Silerymoon’s Bard College for the time being.

Saddling up Joshua’s wagon and Brandel’s horse, you began to make your way South. Travel down to Everlund was uneventful but, as you split up, Muk and Mo got dragged into a violent bar fight. Three drunks who had brawled with Muk and Mo in The Dire Lion’s Crown on your last visit to Everlund had armed themselves for your return. During the standoff, you also met Shinta, a very young swordsman who despises needless killing. Muk easily defeated the assailants, but Mo’s healing and Shinta’s disarming abilties prevented him from actually killing anyone. Post-battle, Mo and Shinta began a friendly discussion about their respective quests. Whilst this was all going on, Barberch went to visit your old ally Captain Ulfgar, and Quarion hung around with Brandel on a tour of the town.

The Story So Far


In the Misty Forest, undead had begun to walk. Barberch, Quarion, Ellywick and Vanya were all present to investigate this occurence, and chose to form a party to aid one another. Finding Batlin, a necromancer, inside a nearby tomb, you gave chase to the village of Bowshot. Upon being found, Batlin was cursed by his employer, the Millennium Organisation, leading to his death. Learning that Millennium was based in Hellsgate Keep, you arranged transport with Captain Rennings of the Village Guard, in return for journeying to the Lizard Marsh to stop the banditry of the lizardfolk inside. After defeating the tyrannical undead lizardfolk leader Redeye, you returned to Bowshot along with some local druids.

Book 1 – A Shadow Over Bowshot:

Inside the village, fire and chaos reigned. A local mage, Xavier, had taken up Batlin’s powerful staff of necromancy and was using it to seize power. This led to many deaths, including Captain Rennings, the leader of the druids, and Xavier himself. During the decimation of Bowshot, the original four party-members met up with Muk and Mo, who were present for their own reasons. In order to stop Millennium, whose actions had directly led to the disaster, you ganged together and set a course for Hellsgate Keep, a fortress far to the north, acting on the last words of the junior necromancer Batlin. On the way, you helped shuttle refugees to the region’s capital, Waterdeep, where you met up with the Band of the Wolf, a fellow group of mercenaries/adventurers, and the Paragons, four elite dwarven warriors. Eventually, you made your way to Everlund, the nearest city to Hellsgate Keep, only to find that Barberch’s high priest had gone missing in the area.

Book 2 – The Real Battle Begins:

Having no luck finding the priest, you fought your way through Hellsgate Keep, eventually confronting Millennium’s regional commander Magnus. Whilst you were finally able to defeat him, this unfortunately led to a meeting with Zorin, a dark elf who outranked even Magnus, and who demonstrated enough power to incapacitate the entire party. Two days later, with the help of a mysterious being from the Pit, you broke out of your cells, only to run into a team of goblins hunting for Quarion. Upon returning to Everlund, you located Barberch’s high priest, who had been forced to create a mighty clay golem at the behest of Grarl, Muk’s orc warchief from years past. Grarl fled as the golem went berserk, but you and Guard Captain Ulfgar were able to stop the construct before Everlund could come to harm. Bidding farewell, you set off further north – to Silverymoon.

Book 3 – Sins Of The Past:

Upon arrival in Silverymoon, you met with two members of the Band of the Wolf, Kristoph and Slan, the latter eventually convincing Mo and Muk to sign up for the long-delayed Annual Fighting Tournament in Yartar. Upon repulsing an attack by a huge boar in the middle of the city, you earned the favour of Silverymoon’s Ruler, Lord Beleren, who hoped you may be able to shed some light on the mystery. Selfaril, Millennium’s new regional commander, was also present at the meeting, acting as a diplomat for his organisation in trying to gain entrance to the Royal Tombs. Leaving the meeting, both Selfaril and Lord Beleren’s daughter Melisandra were attacked by an unknown assassin, with the latter being gravely poisoned. After this, Quarion returned with some new druid friends and you all traveled to the Moonwood to recover the corpse of one of the their fallen members. On the way, Ceres, a cleric of Millennium, ambushed you, but you were able to convert her to your side. She informed you of Millennium’s aims and organisation, and then turned herself in. Whilst you were successful in retrieving the druid’s body, Quarion was infected with lycanthropy, and attacked that night.

Book 4 – Sins Of The Past, Part 2:

Now with two reasons to discover the source of the animal attacks, you agreed to venture into the Moonwood with a women named Gabrielle to meet with it’s protector. Leilani, a nymph, in turn lead you to the source, a group of natural lycanthropes. Defeating them, you were caught in a forest fire organised by Selfaril. He used this distraction to gain access to the Royal Tombs. Silver, a young elf who had warned you of Millennium’s presence in the city, explained that he too wanted access to the Tombs, in order to return a bone to the resting place of his employer’s family member. Unfortunately, you turned down his request. Inside the Tombs, spirits ran wild due to awakening of Kane, an ancient sealed evil. From the coffin marked with Silver’s symbol, a ghost young dragon rose and attacked. Venturing on, you found Selfaril had succeeded in raising Kane. Selfaril escaped, and you and Casca, the Commander of the Royal Guard, were forced to desperately hold Kane back until he could be sealed. Eventually victorious, you hurried on to track down Selfaril at his mansion. Stalled by the appearance of a shadowy avatar of Zorin, Selfaril was once again able to escape. Now it is time to leave Silverymoon as well, but to where?

A Brief Summary of Prior Events

Before 1000 Years Ago:

Lord Kane betrays his peers and refuses to sacrifice his life to stop the tarrasque, causing the Cataclysm.

1000 Years Ago:

Lord Kane is defeated and sealed in the Silverymoon Royal Tombs.

400 Years Ago:

A band of heroes slay the ancient red dragon Volstgalph.

120 Years Ago:

Vanya is born.

71 Years Ago:

Barberch is born.

45 Years Ago:

Ellywick is born.

40 Years Ago:

Mo is born.

~25 Years Ago:

Quarion is born.

~24 Years Ago:

Muk is born.

22 Years Ago:

Sundabar is destroyed by unknown barbarians.

15 Years Ago:

North-West Faerun begins the War with Amn.

10 Years Ago:

The War with Amn ends with victory for North-West Faerun.

3 Years Ago

Grarl’s warband is nearly obliterated by a pack of dire dogs.

2 Years Ago:

The Iron Crisis in Baldur’s Gate threatens the stability of the region.

1 Year Ago:

Mo’s home island is savaged by pirates.

4 Months Ago:

A sharp increase in undead is noted throughout the continent.

2 Months Ago:

Amn becomes overrun by Bhaalspawn, causing turmoil.


Barberch, Quarion, Ellywick and Vanya meet in the Misty Forest.


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