Vanyalanthiriel Holimion

Elf Bard


Vanyalanthiriel, or Vanya to her friends, is a beautiful and graceful elf, as befitting her noble heritage. Trained in a bard college, Vanya’s musical talents are awe-inspiring, with her magical harp providing both soul-stirring tunes and offensive abilities. The harp can transform from a pendant to its instrument form, or to a shortbow form, with either providing powerful support to the group. The free-spirited Vanya seeks to learn more about her family’s pendant, and the world at large, and joined the fight against Millennium in order to acquire as much knowledge and experience as possible. During this journey, she acts as the group’s diplomat, using her powers of persuasion to calm possible foes and gather information. Vanya was last seen in Silverymoon, where she had been spending more and more time in the local bard college, away from the rest of the group.


Vanyalanthiriel Holimion

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