Half-Elf Ranger/Druid


Antisocial and wary of large cities, although with the strongest connection to nature of the group, Quarion is very much the essence of a ranger. He moves nimbly and quickly, and has remarkably honed senses, often acting as the group’s scout alongside his hawk, Soren. Quarion hides his features (red hair and an ugly scar) as much as possible, and prefers ranged combat, due to his poor constitution and death at the hands of an orc near Everlund. Upon being raised, Quarion has pledged a greater devotion to the group. As well as stopping the blight of undead in the region, Quarion sought revenge for the murder of his ranger master, and has since discovered that the medallion he wears is linked to that crime, leading to him being hunted as well. Recently, Quarion was cursed with lycanthropy, and now struggles against the wolf within.



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