Gnome Druid/Sorcerer


Ellywick bursts with personality, switching between being loud and sociable at times, and flippant and sarcastic at others. Like many gnomes, Ellywick is also cautious, almost to a fault. In combat, she often hangs back to assess the situation, keeping her loyal hound Nissa close by as protection. Despite this, and her small, frail stature, she will never run from a fight if a friend is in need. Her druid training not only grants her a variety of spells to wield, but also leads to her dislike for undead that motivates her to fight against Millennium. During her journey, Ellywick began to develop sorcerous powers, further increasing her magical abilities. Her number of companions also went up, as now she has Hoot-Hoot, an owl familiar. Ellywick is currently missing, having mysteriously disappeared from Silverymoon.



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