Barberch Alnisnil

Dwarf Cleric of Moradin


The de facto leader of the group. Barberch is a dwarf on a mission – tasked with finding the source of the undead outbreak in North-West Faerun and putting an end to it by her high-priest Luthar. Despite being headstrong and full of religious fervour, she is terrified of large bodies of water, later revealed to be due to the fatal drowning of her sister. The red-haired Barberch wields a warhammer inscribed with the symbol of Moradin and prefers heavy plate armour, making her a dangerous combatant but clumsy at stealth. Whilst she sometimes gets frustrated at the various obstacles in her path, and occasionally at her own inexperience, Barberch is totally dedicated to her given task and has vowed to stop Millennium, whatever it takes. Of late, her deeds have attracted a cohort to her aid – the lizardman Strongarm.


Barberch Alnisnil

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