The Millennium War

Verse 5

And the Winner is...

Yartar’s Annual Fighting Tournament continues, with Barberch joining Quarion to watch from the stands. Now in the second round, Fury of the Band of the Wolf defeated Hagnall to face Muk in the semi-finals, whilst Red-of-Hand knocked out Harold and Mo overcame Lorelei to produce the other semi-final matchup. In two brutal, incredibly-close battles, Muk trimumphed against Fury seconds before losing consciousness, and Mo was barely beaten by Red-of-Hand. In the latter fight, Quarion noticed that Red had temporarily lashed at his opponent with lethal force, which led to a post-match investigation by the head official Walster. Mo, however, decided that, since Red had fought fairly aside from that one incident (due to his and Slan’s chastising of the monk), he would not press things further.

In the final round, Muk faced off against Red-of-Hand and proved without a doubt his incredible fighting abilities. Nothing that Red tried, whether it was stunning techniques, disarming moves, tripping attacks or even superior manoeuvrability, could stop the halfling’s onslaught. Muk found himself standing victorious, the undefeated champion of Yartar.

As the crowd cheered, Walster walked out onto the arena and turned to them, proclaiming that the winner of this year’s tournament was: “Muk, of Mo and Friends.” Later, as the audience began to file out, you, along with Slan, gathered in the centre of the arena to listen to the official’s announcement. Walster congratulated Muk and informed you that the prize money of 10,000 gold pieces will be given out following a dinner this evening with the mayor, Lord Alexander Tanas, at his mansion. This invitation has also been extended to the Band of the Wolf. Walster advised you that appropriate dress would be expected at this formal event.

With few decent clothes between you, most of your group headed to the marketplace to go shopping, though Quarion elected to go back to Dusty Barrel tavern to meet with his contact Verol instead. As Barberch had found before, Yartar has several interwoven streets full of vendors, all loudly haggling over prices. Wandering into the thick of it and attempting to find a tailor or cloth turned out to be a bust – the marketplace was just too chaotic to find anything. Disheartened, Mo decided to take Muk back to the tavern to get cleaned up instead.

Barberch, on the other hand, chose instead to go to the smithy to purchase armour decorations. As she approached the Yartar Blacksmithery, she became aware of a number of raised voices and crashes. Bursting inside, Barberch found the shop halfway through being ransacked. Three of the tournament’s losers, namely Xanthias, Dendron and Baz, were looting inside, with the latter restraining the blacksmith himself. This quickly led to a violent confrontation between the cleric and the three vandals. Eventually, the swordsman Hagnall appeared, revealing himself to be the leader of the gang, and wearing a clearly magical glowing gauntlet. The gauntlet rusted a hole clean through Barberch’s armour, but she continued to fight against Hagnall and his group, eventually (and narrowly) subduing them. Hagnall and Dendron were knocked out, Xanthias made a run for it, and Baz was cowed into surrendering.

With the danger over, Barberch could relax… until she heard a roaring explosion, coming from somewhere within the town limits. Muk and Mo also heard the blast from the tavern, where they have found that Quarion never arrived at his destination. Could these be signs of a new threat in Yartar?


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