The Millennium War

Verse 2

A Dangerous Cargo

After a long journey, you took a well-earned rest in Everlund. Most of the party spend a peaceful night at the Dire Lion’s Crown, whilst lycanthropes Quarion and Brandel caged themselves in a secluded location. Upon waking and joining up again, Mo engaged his new friend Shinta in sparring match. Mo emerged victorious, barely overcoming the young swordsman, who offered his gratitude. You then completed your business in Everlund, and left the town towards Waterdeep.

On the outskirts of the town, you found Captain Ulfgar of the Everlund Watch loading prisoners onto a wagon. It turned out that Barberch had been offered the job of transporting the captives, who had exceeded Everlund’s maximum prison capacity, but had forgotten to bring up the matter to the team. After some back and forth, you agreed to help bring the prisoners, four orcs from Grarl’s warband and the hobgoblin leader from Hellsgate Keep, to the region’s central prison: the Grand Zaft, in Waterdeep. Ulfgar provided three of his men to assist the transfer, as well as payment for your services.

After a day of uneventful travel, you settled down to rest, with Barberch taking the opportunity to cure the diseases afflicting herself and Mo. Only Muk had engaged in any notable interactions with the prisoners, despite the hobgoblin and Quarion becoming aware of each other’s presence. In the morning, Mo called a group meeting, complaining that the others were not taking the job seriously (Muk was riding horses, Barberch was distractedly crafting and Quarion was conversing with Brandel). This had three effects: Muk didn’t care; Barberch apologised and showed new resolve in protecting the captives; and Quarion confronted Mo, stating that the cleric had no right to judge him, and that he would nevertheless do his duty, despite being forced into close proximity to a man hired to murder him.

Later that day, as the transports were progressing normally and tempers had died down, the noise of something shattering rang out. This was immediately followed by the roar of an explosion, as coloured smoke billowed out from under the lead horses, coalescing into humanoid monsters of fire, water, air and earth. The elementals lurched forward to engage all around them, throwing the convoy into chaos. Barberch, was able to repel the air elemental, but the other three proved to be dangerous opponents, easily dealing with Ulfgar’s guards. Eventually however, you gained an upper hand in the fray, helped greatly by Quarion’s inadvertent transformation into a powerful wolf, but one with Quarion’s full control and intelligence.

At this point, Grarl struck. Expressing excitement at the chance to get revenge for his previous defeat, the mighty orc made a beeline for the prison wagon, cutting through guardsmen like a knife through butter. Even Barberch proved no match for him, falling victim to his vicious greataxe. However, with Grarl in striking range of the prisoner carriage, Muk rushed in to meet him. Driven by rage and magically enlarged for this very event, Muk launched a devastating blow against his former warchief. Gravely wounded and speechless with surprise, Grarl staggered back. In fury he ordered the imprisoned orcs to come to his aid, and even enlisted the hobgoblin mercenary to help, claiming that someone named “Bryagh” had hired him as a commander. At this the hobgoblin attempted to grab Muk, but the halfling broke free, causing Grarl to once again use his enchanted gauntlet to escape. The orc disappeared in an explosion of curses and threats, leaving his underlings still as captives. Mo and Barberch quickly sought to revive the fallen guardsmen who had bravely fought against deadly foes and impossible odds, saving the lives of two of the original three.

Weary from your epic battle, and with one of your members still a wolf, you now must decide what your next course of action is.


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