The Millennium War

Verse 1

Decisions, Decisions...

Upon leaving Silverymoon, you once again met up with Quarion’s druid friends, returning from ther attempts to save as much of the Moonwood as possible. Lenaiel then told you of their findings as to the whereabouts of Ellywick – reports of suspicious masked men, similar to the one working for Baalberith, heading East to an unknown location. This meant that it was necessary to make a choice: venture East for Ellywick’s sake, or travel South for Quarion’s.

Settling down for the night with the Silverymoon Druids, you chose to prioratise curing Quarion of his lycanthropy over searching for the missing Ellywick. In this, Quarion was the chief decision maker, as Mo couldn’t choose, Muk didn’t care, and Barberch was seeemingly distracted.

Later still, Quarion and Brandel began to transform. Kolts had placed Quarion into a magically warped tree, and Brandel was held within the party’s remaining cage. As such, despite their violent struggles and their strongest efforts, the two beasts were unable to escape. Also during the night, Barberch and Mo discovered that their rat bites had become infected, and they had contracted filth fever.

In the morning, you finalised the plan of action – Brandel would join you on your trip to Waterdeep, the remaining druids would further search for Ellywick’s trail, and Lenaiel would take care of Soren for communication purposes. You then all went shopping for supplies, with Andrah becoming scarred for life by having to deal with Muk’s curse. With Barberch’s help, the curse was removed and Muk’s strength was restored. Furthermore, Barberch visited The Blasted Hen, organising and paying for transport from Joshua, and bidding farewell to Silver. She also received some of Vanya’s belongings from Gunther, who passed on the message that Vanya desires to stay behind at Silerymoon’s Bard College for the time being.

Saddling up Joshua’s wagon and Brandel’s horse, you began to make your way South. Travel down to Everlund was uneventful but, as you split up, Muk and Mo got dragged into a violent bar fight. Three drunks who had brawled with Muk and Mo in The Dire Lion’s Crown on your last visit to Everlund had armed themselves for your return. During the standoff, you also met Shinta, a very young swordsman who despises needless killing. Muk easily defeated the assailants, but Mo’s healing and Shinta’s disarming abilties prevented him from actually killing anyone. Post-battle, Mo and Shinta began a friendly discussion about their respective quests. Whilst this was all going on, Barberch went to visit your old ally Captain Ulfgar, and Quarion hung around with Brandel on a tour of the town.


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