The Millennium War


A Brief Summary of Prior Events

Before 1000 Years Ago:

Lord Kane betrays his peers and refuses to sacrifice his life to stop the tarrasque, causing the Cataclysm.

1000 Years Ago:

Lord Kane is defeated and sealed in the Silverymoon Royal Tombs.

400 Years Ago:

A band of heroes slay the ancient red dragon Volstgalph.

120 Years Ago:

Vanya is born.

71 Years Ago:

Barberch is born.

45 Years Ago:

Ellywick is born.

40 Years Ago:

Mo is born.

~25 Years Ago:

Quarion is born.

~24 Years Ago:

Muk is born.

22 Years Ago:

Sundabar is destroyed by unknown barbarians.

15 Years Ago:

North-West Faerun begins the War with Amn.

10 Years Ago:

The War with Amn ends with victory for North-West Faerun.

3 Years Ago

Grarl’s warband is nearly obliterated by a pack of dire dogs.

2 Years Ago:

The Iron Crisis in Baldur’s Gate threatens the stability of the region.

1 Year Ago:

Mo’s home island is savaged by pirates.

4 Months Ago:

A sharp increase in undead is noted throughout the continent.

2 Months Ago:

Amn becomes overrun by Bhaalspawn, causing turmoil.


Barberch, Quarion, Ellywick and Vanya meet in the Misty Forest.


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