The Millennium War

The Story So Far


In the Misty Forest, undead had begun to walk. Barberch, Quarion, Ellywick and Vanya were all present to investigate this occurence, and chose to form a party to aid one another. Finding Batlin, a necromancer, inside a nearby tomb, you gave chase to the village of Bowshot. Upon being found, Batlin was cursed by his employer, the Millennium Organisation, leading to his death. Learning that Millennium was based in Hellsgate Keep, you arranged transport with Captain Rennings of the Village Guard, in return for journeying to the Lizard Marsh to stop the banditry of the lizardfolk inside. After defeating the tyrannical undead lizardfolk leader Redeye, you returned to Bowshot along with some local druids.

Book 1 – A Shadow Over Bowshot:

Inside the village, fire and chaos reigned. A local mage, Xavier, had taken up Batlin’s powerful staff of necromancy and was using it to seize power. This led to many deaths, including Captain Rennings, the leader of the druids, and Xavier himself. During the decimation of Bowshot, the original four party-members met up with Muk and Mo, who were present for their own reasons. In order to stop Millennium, whose actions had directly led to the disaster, you ganged together and set a course for Hellsgate Keep, a fortress far to the north, acting on the last words of the junior necromancer Batlin. On the way, you helped shuttle refugees to the region’s capital, Waterdeep, where you met up with the Band of the Wolf, a fellow group of mercenaries/adventurers, and the Paragons, four elite dwarven warriors. Eventually, you made your way to Everlund, the nearest city to Hellsgate Keep, only to find that Barberch’s high priest had gone missing in the area.

Book 2 – The Real Battle Begins:

Having no luck finding the priest, you fought your way through Hellsgate Keep, eventually confronting Millennium’s regional commander Magnus. Whilst you were finally able to defeat him, this unfortunately led to a meeting with Zorin, a dark elf who outranked even Magnus, and who demonstrated enough power to incapacitate the entire party. Two days later, with the help of a mysterious being from the Pit, you broke out of your cells, only to run into a team of goblins hunting for Quarion. Upon returning to Everlund, you located Barberch’s high priest, who had been forced to create a mighty clay golem at the behest of Grarl, Muk’s orc warchief from years past. Grarl fled as the golem went berserk, but you and Guard Captain Ulfgar were able to stop the construct before Everlund could come to harm. Bidding farewell, you set off further north – to Silverymoon.

Book 3 – Sins Of The Past:

Upon arrival in Silverymoon, you met with two members of the Band of the Wolf, Kristoph and Slan, the latter eventually convincing Mo and Muk to sign up for the long-delayed Annual Fighting Tournament in Yartar. Upon repulsing an attack by a huge boar in the middle of the city, you earned the favour of Silverymoon’s Ruler, Lord Beleren, who hoped you may be able to shed some light on the mystery. Selfaril, Millennium’s new regional commander, was also present at the meeting, acting as a diplomat for his organisation in trying to gain entrance to the Royal Tombs. Leaving the meeting, both Selfaril and Lord Beleren’s daughter Melisandra were attacked by an unknown assassin, with the latter being gravely poisoned. After this, Quarion returned with some new druid friends and you all traveled to the Moonwood to recover the corpse of one of the their fallen members. On the way, Ceres, a cleric of Millennium, ambushed you, but you were able to convert her to your side. She informed you of Millennium’s aims and organisation, and then turned herself in. Whilst you were successful in retrieving the druid’s body, Quarion was infected with lycanthropy, and attacked that night.

Book 4 – Sins Of The Past, Part 2:

Now with two reasons to discover the source of the animal attacks, you agreed to venture into the Moonwood with a women named Gabrielle to meet with it’s protector. Leilani, a nymph, in turn lead you to the source, a group of natural lycanthropes. Defeating them, you were caught in a forest fire organised by Selfaril. He used this distraction to gain access to the Royal Tombs. Silver, a young elf who had warned you of Millennium’s presence in the city, explained that he too wanted access to the Tombs, in order to return a bone to the resting place of his employer’s family member. Unfortunately, you turned down his request. Inside the Tombs, spirits ran wild due to awakening of Kane, an ancient sealed evil. From the coffin marked with Silver’s symbol, a ghost young dragon rose and attacked. Venturing on, you found Selfaril had succeeded in raising Kane. Selfaril escaped, and you and Casca, the Commander of the Royal Guard, were forced to desperately hold Kane back until he could be sealed. Eventually victorious, you hurried on to track down Selfaril at his mansion. Stalled by the appearance of a shadowy avatar of Zorin, Selfaril was once again able to escape. Now it is time to leave Silverymoon as well, but to where?


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